The Academia Baltica in Lübeck

„Ad astra volandum” – Reach for the stars! – sounds the motto of the Academia Baltica, founded in September 2001 and situated in the historic part of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. The work of the Academia Baltica is devoted
- to create and strengthen the intellectual, cultural and social atmosphere that is necessary for all people to live together in a common Europe, and
- to raise the awareness for our mutual European history, traditions and culture in the public and to promote further research of our European heritage.
More than 30 events – among them seminars, conferences, summer schools, lectures, excursions – are organized by the Academia Baltica every year. Each of these activities can be seen as another step to answer the question of what contributes to the identity and history of the nations living on the shores of the Baltic Sea.
Among the founding members of the Academia Baltica are the Baltic Sea Forum, Hamburg, the Baltic-German Society, the Europa-Union Schleswig-Holstein, the Federal Association of German-Polish Societies, the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, and the Thomas-Mann Cultural Center in Nida (Lithuania).
The Academia Baltica addresses issues of politics and economics, history, literature and arts as well as cooperation among the media of the Baltic Sea area. One third of the events take place in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe: in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Kaliningrad Oblast – most of them as multilingual meetings. A major focus is given to the young generation, showing them their opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region.
Even more than 30 per cent of those participating in seminars of the Academia Baltica come from countries of Eastern and Central Europe: the majority of them from Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In order to enable such international exchange, special efforts to gain public and all the more private funding are required.
Half of the Academy’s budget is financed by fees of the participants. 30 per cent of the budget is granted by foundations and private sponsors as well as by special Federal and EU programs. Only 20 per cent of the budget is given to the Academy as a fixed amount by the State of Schleswig-Holstein.
The full time staff of the Academia Baltica consists of a director and a project assistant. This small team is supported by free lancers as well as many domestic and foreign partners   universities, research institutions, museums, cultural centres and NGOs – with whom the Academy has established fruitful and enduring cooperation. Proceedings of the Academia Baltica are published in the series „Colloquia Baltica“.
With its international program, the Academia Baltica addresses an audience first of all in Northern Germany, Poland and the Baltic States. In doing so, the Academia Baltica contributes to promoting the knowledge about the Baltic Sea Region as a unique and dynamic area within the enlarged Europe and to building a common European identity.

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